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Top 10 Most Popular Online Passive Income Ideas

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago1 Comment

passive income ideas

Do you love making money while you sleep or while doing the things you ever wanted to do? Are you looking for sources of passive income online in order to augment or eventually replace your current typical job income?  Do you want to be wealthy and live the life you desire with luxury, time freedom and financial independence?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you must consider creating multiple streams of passive income online and make it one of your main focuses or goals when building a business in this online-focused world. You must know and master the abilities and ways to effectively generate money from online passive income sources if you don’t want to be stuck forever in your job –waiting for the next paycheck and having the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll still be having the job tomorrow, next month or next year.

Passive income online is the new catchphrase of wealth. It is an income generated online from sources that requires little or more upfront work and provides in the long run a steady stream of income or sustained income without additional work. It is simply earning more and working less or working no more.

This Article Will Present To You The 10 Most Popular Online Passive Income Ideas Which Will Be Used As Vehicles In Reaching Your Passive Income Dream.

1.       Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. At its very core, it is about relationships between three parties: Merchant/Company/Advertiser, Publisher (Affiliate Marketers) and Consumer / Buyer. Affiliate marketing is most likely one of the cheapest and quickest (not the easiest) ways to start making money online since you don’t have to have your own business or products. You just simply link up a buyer (Consumer) and a seller (Advertiser), and you will earn a commission on the sale that will take place. For a publisher to start generating income from Affiliate marketing, he first need to have a website or blog where he can write quality review of each product he is going to promote, then he should select the product to be promoted. Using YouTube for Affiliate marketing is one of the effective ways to boost sales and income. For you to effectively market a product, only promote those products which you are very familiar with or you have been using already in the past.
Examples of Affiliate Marketing Websites: Clickback, Amazon, Online Lotto Sites,
Examples of successful websites that make some passive income through affiliate marketing programs:,,,,

2.    Advertising Programs / Contextual Ad Network Programs

Contextual Advertising is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements coming out on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. The advertisements themselves are selected and served by automated systems based on the content displayed to the user.  The system of this advertising works by scanning the text of a website for keywords and returns advertisements to the webpage based on those keywords. For you to start earning passive income with Advertising programs, you need to have your own website or blog and an approved Account from advertising programs then make good contents on your site or blog that will generate more traffic and visitors over time. The most popular Contextual Ad Network program on the internet is Google Adsense but many people are having difficulty getting an approved Adsense account and some people eventually lose their accounts due to some reasons but most likely because of TOS violations. But there are many advertising Programs that are still similar to Adsense though the revenue is not as high as what Adsense offers. Some of these Advertising Programs are: Adhitz, Adbrite, Chitika, Adblade, a-ads, Bidvertiser and many more.

3.    Article Writing

This is not the article writing job that most people or writers do — writing an article to be submitted to their boss/ employer. What I mean with Article Writing that will provide you passive income is by becoming an Approved writer of Article Writing websites like:,, hubpages and xomba. These 4 sites may have different ways of earning scheme for writer but in one way or another they offer passive income to their hardworking writers. Article writing as a source of passive income takes time. This is really for those who have the passion to write articles, literally those who enjoy writing numerous articles.

Example: ( Become an approved writer of and you will get paid by writing articles for around 2 years, then after that you can start earning passive income in the years to come from page views of all the articles you have written.

4.    Online Multilevel Marketing Companies

Before, Multilevel Marketing is done solely offline where normally marketers are enlisting their friends and family to buy Products, whether they wanted them or not. But apparently, chasing family and friends to buy products from you or to join your network is the easiest way to become isolated from them. With the use of the internet, multilevel marketing is made easier and more convenient. We can easily connect to like-minded business person who also wish to earn online passive income. It is only important to choose the best company/companies with sustainable compensation plan and with high quality products. Just like other passive income sources, this still requires initial hard work so in the future it will provide you passive income.

5.    Online Investments

These are high risk and low risk Investments online. It can give you short term or long term passive income. High risk Investment programs mostly give fast profit even when you are not doing anything, it is like letting your money make more money for you, but it can also make you lose money fast. You need to know where and when to invest. The best way is be with the experts and be early. Invest only what you can afford to lose and most importantly, DIVERSIFY.

Online investment Programs: Stock Dividends, Forex-Related Investments, Revenue Sharing Sites, High Yield Investment Programs, Matrix sites, Money Cyclers.

shutterstock_2281003966.    Forex Trading ( Using Forex Autopilot / Robot)

Forex Trading needs expertise and dedication also. It can be done on a full time basis but some are using robots or autopilot software where they let their autopilot robot trade for them. To start with Forex Trading you need money and more money needed in buying autopilot software, these will act as initial investment. Many successful Forex traders earned thousands of dollars (passive income) in few weeks or less than a month by using autopilot. But always remember that this should be done with caution and ample research as scams are prevalent with forex trading software.

Even without the use of autopilot, traders can still earn passive income by using Long Term Forex Trading Strategies, Participating in Social Forex Trading where you can copy trades placed by other expert traders.

7.    Writing and Selling eBooks/ Kindle Book Marketing/Publishing

How to earn money with Kindle Book Publishing?

You just write a book, Publish it on Amazon and Earn Sales Commission. You need to write books with good content, not just spun and cheaply written eBooks. You can publish on virtually any topic for Kindle but you need to choose a topic that would sell over a long period of time. You need to be willing to put in the work to make it viable long term because at first you won’t really earn, but slowly the earnings will progress. This is really something you must build over time, but it really has the potential to last forever and make you earn passive income with almost no more work required or maintenance.

8.     Offering eCourses

Another great method of earning passive income is offering Online Courses or eCourses. Though the set up or starting effort of making an online course requires great effort, expertise and plenty of time, there are handful of tools and systems to be used in assisting you to set it up successfully. One must need to know the following to be able to be successful in generating passive income through offering eCourses:

  1. How to create, design and launch an eCourse successfully (making videos, presentations, step by step guide, etc.)
  2. How to have overflowing membership list
  3. How to promote your eCourse effectively within your niche

9. Software Development -Creating a Smart Phone Application

Developing Smartphone Applications can really be a great source of passive income. You can earn Money when someone downloads and uses it. Just like the game Flappy Bird which is earning $50,000 daily on Advertising Revenue, it ended as the most downloaded app on the app store last January 2014. Its Vietnamese developer didn’t have expectations that it will become viral and that it would make him earn much passive income, he just said this is pure luck.

10.    Blogging

Blogging can definitely give an online income but it doesn’t mean a passive income online since a blogger needs to update and make regular posts to make his blog well-run. Most bloggers are working hard to make a living from blogging so it is considered as an active income and not passive. But we can also use blogging to be a vehicle in earning passive income in the long run because some aspects of blogging will generate passive income. You should set up a good blog with a topic that you are proficient at, then research for keywords by using Google Keyword Tool, Start posting contents/ blog posts, Get a domain name and hosting, draw traffic to your blog/site and then make money after few months or years. You can earn from advertising programs, affiliate programs or selling eBooks within your site.

These are the top 10 popular Passive Income Vehicles. Always bear in mind that in choosing your vehicle, you must consider your passion and abilities. Think of the things you are most capable of, things you enjoy the most, and things you are extremely passionate about. The possibilities for creating passive income streams are endless – especially if you know and love what you’re doing!


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