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Using Content Marketing to Generate Passive Income

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago2 Comments

On just about any blog, website or newsfeed you read today, one fact rings loud and clear when it comes to making money online: content is king.  And while there are a thousand ways to generate passive income on the Internet, the current trend towards content marketing makes for a very interesting niche for those who excel in content creation.

Further, there are a number of different content creation niches that you can tackle in order to generate passive income, each playing to a different audience and a different strength.  Depending on your field and level of expertise and interest, you can generate passive income through various forms of content marketing.  Here's a more in-depth look at how.

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Generate Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages

A common way to get your affiliate links out there to the public for click-consumption is to create landing pages that are content-rich.  For most people looking to generate passive income, they'll typically review a product or any number of products and then add their affiliate links in the call-to-action (CTAs).  This is a fairly good practice for SEO purposes since you are able to write about features and specs that will help get your landing page to rank on the search engine result pages (SERPs).  The higher up you rank, the more traffic you will get.

Of course, with the new Google Hummingbird update, writing your content based around a keyword or two is just not going to cut it anymore.  Without going too heavily into the technicalities of it all, what you want to do is write content that is helpful to customers and answers questions.  In fact, use those “predicting skills” that every good affiliate marketer has and predict the questions customers are going to ask.  This will set your landing page up in prime position on the SERPs and help you generate passive income through your affiliate links.

Generate Passive Income through Web Content and Marketing


A similar method to generate passive income is to create entire websites dedicated to garnering traffic.  On these sites, you can sell advertising space, have guest bloggers, put your affiliate links up, offer downloads, create emailing lists and sell them—the opportunities are endless.  The only thing that remains constant here is that content is still going to be the best way for you to garner traffic.

This means following the same rules as above: predict the questions customers will Google, pose them on your website and then answer them.  Google has switched to a more “semantic” search algorithm meaning that they are trying to improve the user experience by using context clues to return search results.

For example, if your website is about “rock” and you have band names on your site, Google will understand that your site should be suggested for people trying to find the lyrics to Doors songs or the birthdays of the Rolling Stones.  On the other hand, if your “rock website” is full of contextual words such as “granite, quartz and crystal,” Google will send those with geological queries over to your site and send the 70's rockers elsewhere.

The goal here is to reduce useless suggestions on the SERPs and create a better search experience for the customer.  That experience-based ranking also extends to your website, so the easier it is to read and navigate, the more Google will “like” it and thus, recommend it to customers.  From a content creation standpoint, this means writing clear, concise, interesting, and useful information that is free of grammatical and spelling errors.  Most of all, don't plagiarizer or “spin” other people's content—you will get penalized. 

Generate Passive Income through eBooks and Report Generation

Finally, a great way to generate passive income—if you have a wealth of knowledge about a particular subject or niche—is through writing and selling eBooks and reports (the two terms are used interchangeably, though some people might argue differently—that's not really the point here).  Writing an eBook—or any book for that matter—is one of the classic forms of passive income because you only do the work once and then continuously benefit from it.

The residual income your earn from your eBook comes into your passive income stream without any further work—provided you set your website up with an effective sales funnel and good content for SEO traffic purposes.  Still, eBooks can be delivered digitally so once your customer pays for the download, they can access the content while you're in your backyard, asleep, on vacation, etc.

The key to writing a good eBook that will generate passive income rests in writing about a subject that you are intimate with.  Nobody wants to read an eBook about something they can easily Google (although you might get a few bites, but no return customers).  They want in-depth information that is useful.  It should help them solve a specific problem and if that problem solving makes them money, all the better for your customer retention rate.

If you've never written an eBook, don't fret.  There are plenty of manuals online or you could just take the Sentence by Sentence approach where you write a paragraph that outlines the book, flesh the first sentence of that paragraph into full paragraph and then so on and so forth with each sentence, turning them into paragraphs.  The idea is to break down your broad, general ideas into very specific instructions that are detailed and easy to follow.

Finding the Right System to Generate Passive Income

Most importantly, if you want to generate passive income, you're going to have to have a viable system that will help you through the rough patches.  Systems that help you learn how to generate passive income streams are fairly common on the Internet—systems that actually work are not.


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