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How to Generate Passive Income on Forums

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago7 Comments

Have you ever Googled something and gotten a result from some type of forum?  Chances are you have, especially with some of the more specific terms and queries that might be contentious.  Forums are a great place for people to express their opinions, share advice and probably a lesser known way to pick up some passive income.  In order to learn how to generate passive income on forums, all you need to know is a little bit about the subject you are discussing, how to communicate your ideas in a persuasive yet relatable manner and then apply the right passive income stream.

How to Generate Passive Income by Posting on Forums

forum marketingAlthough learning how to generate passive income on forums is fairly easy, you still need a good product to sell.  For most people who are just learning how to generate passive income, this means affiliate marketing links (though there are a number of other methods out there).  For our purposes here, we’re going to use affiliate marketing links as our “passive income stream” and forums as our “passive income generator.”

These two terms are fairly similar and should be added to your vocabulary if you want to learn how to generate passive income successfully.  A stream is just the place where you cash flows through, in this case, your affiliate marketing link.  This simply means that when people click on your link and purchase the product you are marketing, you receive a percentage of the sale, or a commission.  A passive income generator is where your stream starts, in this case, a forum.

How to Generate Passive Income Simplified

 To get started, you’ll need to visit some websites that sell products or go to a site like if you want to learn how to make passive income.  Look for links that say “Become an Affiliate Partner.” Associate is also interchangeable with affiliate nowadays.  These links are typically towards the bottom of the site.  Go through the signup and terms until you receive your affiliate link.  This link has a special code that identifies you, allowing you to get paid when a purchase is made through your link.

Now once you have the link, there are any number of ways that you can go about sharing it, but we’re focusing on forums.  Since most forums make you sign up for them before you can start posting, the first step is to identify the proper forums that will give you the highest chance at converting sales.

How to Generate Passive Income—Choosing the Right Forums 

In order to make sure that you’re putting yourself in a position to learn how to make passive income, you’ll have to post on forums that are likely to have people who are interested in what you’re marketing.  In other words, if you’re an affiliate partner with a toy car manufacturer, you are probably going to get more hits on forums geared around parenting and gift ideas.  Of course, you will also get some hits in forums where the topics are adult-orientated (i.e. sports sites, shopping sites, etc.), where the conversations will occasionally turn to kids (e.g. around the holidays, in threads dedicated to kids’ pics, etc.), so it’s good to think laterally here.

When you’ve identified some sites that you want to target for learning how to make passive income, the idea is not to get online and make your first or only post strictly about your product—rather, it’s to build up some reputation with the forum users first.  Some forums make this easy since they have reputation meters on each of your posts.  The idea here is that the more reputation you have, the more reliable a source you are in the forum community.  Reputation can come in many forms depending on the forums (e.g. moderators might only be able to give it or all members can grant reputation, etc.), but going about gaining it is fairly simple:

  • Make useful posts that are not filled with ALL CAP LOCKS or spelling and grammatical errors
  • Post helpful content that solves questions and problems
  • Be likable and even humorous
  • Don’t be overly combative, but do be opinionated

How to Generate Passive Income with Affiliate Links

Of course, you don’t need reputation to get clicks on your affiliate links, but it sure will help.  It bears mentioning that some forums don’t work on a reputation system but just keep in mind that even here, people with only one or two posts are sure signs of a marketer.  These people generally get ignored or banned for selling products.

The point here is to join the community without raising any flags that you are there as a marketer.  Some forums welcome marketers with open arms (e.g. the Warrior forum since it is made up of Internet marketers), but most have restrictions or bans on open marketing and placing links in your signature.

Once you know the rules of your forums, there are generally two ways that you can go about learning how to generate passive income through your posts:

  1. Review or suggest the item that you are selling.  You shouldn’t do this unprovoked and most times, it should be worked seamlessly into a conversation or thread, but recommending a product or service through your own personal experience will gain you some clicks and buys.  This works especially well when you are liked in the community and respected.
  2. Put the links in your signature.  While this works well on certain forums, it might be too bold, upfront or just plain illegal on others.  Do some homework on the forum first, finding out if other people are doing this and if so, how they are faring.  Don’t be shy to drop them a line if they seem pleasant—you might get some good tips and positive networking.

How to Generate Passive Income without Fail

Once you are in a community, you’ll want to start to tailor the products and services you are marketing.  For instance, if you have a high amount of reputation on a parenting forum, consider picking up some more affiliate partners that sell items that your peers would be interested in, etc.


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  How to Generate Passive Income
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