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8 Incredibly Blunt Reasons to Step Away from Non-Passive Income

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago2 Comments

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As if you really needed any incentive to step away from the rat race and leave your non-passive income job, we've gone ahead and put together an entire list for you!  In it, we'll discuss some of the best reasons for leaving your non-passive income job for a passive income business.  These factors should help you decide whether it's time for you to make the leap to a lifestyle where your time is your own, financial freedom isn't just some buzz word with no meaning and physically working for a living is a thing of the past.

Eight Reasons to Quit Your Non-Passive Income Job for a Passive Revenue Stream


So without further ado, here comes the easiest list we've ever had to put together—why you should leave your non-passive income job today:

  1. Non-passive income jobs are dead ends.  How many people do you know that work until they can afford to semi-retire or go out on disability?  All of them. Is that really any way to end up during your golden years?  Non-passive income jobs are essentially a way for you to work to help other people reach their dreams until you're too old to continue—they are not a means to achieving your own ultimate success, wealth and independence.
  2. Non-passive income jobs are stressful.  For anyone who has ever had to put up with an annoying co-worker, unrealistic deadlines or demanding bosses, you already know how stressful 9 to 5's can be.  Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that things don't get any better with time—the Internet era has ushered in multitasking as an expectation, not a skill.  Stress and demand will only increase from here on in.  Is that something you're prepared to endure until you stop working?
  3. You have to work for someone else who is making a passive income.  Did you know that business owners and management are essentially making passive income?  They are.  That's because they are leveraging the work of others (i.e. you!) to make money.  When is the last time you saw a CEO roll up his or her sleeves and get down to work with the employees?  Never!  They are sitting at home in their mansion or out on vacation somewhere in a warm climate getting rich off of your toil—and they are doing it through passive income.
  4. Do you know how the rich get richer?  Passive income.  Further, do you want to know how the rich get rich or stay rich?  They invest in stocks, dividends, real estate and other streams of—you guessed it—passive income.  By diversifying their portfolio and making smart investments that provide consistent returns with little to no work, the people you are helping to make rich are showing you how to do it by their own example—if only you'd listen.  Passive income is the affluent's way to make money by working smarter, not harder.
  5. Non-passive income has no room for adventure.  When you work a standard 9 to 5, you know what to expect day in and day out.  Unless you are on a law enforcement team, in the military or work for some other high-risk occupation, there really isn't much to break up the monotony of a non-passive income job.  But with passive income, not only are you constantly figuring out new and exciting ways to create passive income streams, you are also working on your own time, meaning that you don't need to risk your life at work to experience adventure—you can simply take a trip to your favorite destination and experience adventure there...safely.
  6. Expansion and promotion is hard in a non-passive income environment.  While you are toiling away for years in your cubicle, others around you are gaining their financial independence by quitting their dead end non-passive income jobs.  Think about how long it takes you to climb up the corporate ladder—and that's if you don't hit any ceilings, glass or otherwise.  The simple fact of the matter is that when you have a non-passive income job, you're just wasting your life away working for little reward, slowly.
  7. Non-passive income leaves you hoping for retirement but not prepared for it.  With the retirement age being constantly pushed back, it's obvious that non-passive income jobs don't adequately prepare the average person for retirement through their 401(k), pension plans and life savings.  It's clear that the job market and the American dream have changed—it is no longer a given that you'll get a job after you graduate from college and it's no longer a certainty that you'll stay in the same company forever and retire comfortably at age 65.  The people who are succeeding in the modern job market are those who are taking things into their own hands—people like those seeking out passive income streams and generators.
  8. Non-passive income jobs are boring.  Well, for the most part.  Of course there are some people who are doing what they love, but I seriously doubt they are here looking for alternatives to their careers in this article.  Stop and think about it for a second: are you really doing what you love or are you just working to stay afloat and pursue some fun in your off-time?  Do you have enough off-time to experience that fun?  Did you really play salesman or data-entry specialist or IT guy when you were a kid?  If not, it's time to take hold of your dreams and make the switch to a career where you have enough time to pursue your true goals—not just work day after day hoping that eventually you will catch up to your dreams.  You won't.  Dreams are not something that wait—non-passive income jobs are conducive to waiting.

Finding the Best System to Transition from Your Non-Passive Income Job

When you're ready to stop waiting and start running for your dreams, you shouldn't make the transition without a solid passive income system in place. If you are looking for a reliable Passive Income Vehicle, be sure to check out Piformula today! Go to for more info and leave your non-passive income job where it belongs—in the past.


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