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Passive Income vs Non-Passive Income – Which is a More Realistic Choice?

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago2 Comments

When it comes to understanding the difference between passive income vs non-passive income, all of the dictionary definitions in the world won’t help you understand what you really want to know: how realistic either option is for you.  As anybody that has been around the Internet for any amount of time can tell you, there are tons of “get rich quick” schemes and “make money online from home” scams out there.  Most are either too good to be true (because they are) or are just plain lies.

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Passive Income vs Non-Passive Income—Which is Right for You?

Of course, there are some real ways to make money online without having to suffer through the rigors of a 9 to 5, and these fall under the heading of passive income.  In the ever-shifting argument for passive income vs non-passive income, passivity would be defined as making a steady stream of money from work done once (or with very little upkeep) and non-passive income would entail going out and actively working for your money.

While some people don’t mind getting up and trudging to work day in and day out while slaving for a boss that makes much more money than you but probably isn’t nearly as qualified, other people are willing to take the leap into passive income money making.  If you’re the type that is happy getting up and going to work every day, that enjoys the security of a paycheck coming for work done (no more, no less) and just generally likes working for someone else, then passive income is not for you.

Passive Income vs Non-Passive Income—Making it Work for You

But if you’re on the other side of the passive income vs non-passive income argument and want to escape the rat race, work for yourself and take your financial freedom back, then passive income is for you.   The only question left to answer now is which is a more realistic choice.

For many people, making a career change isn’t something that they can afford to do willy-nilly—it takes financial planning and saving as well as incurring a calculated risk.  Of course, if you can afford to make the career change without having to worry about paying rent or struggling to support yourself or your family, by all means, go for it.


Passive Income vs Non-Passive Income—Facts

But for most of us, choosing between passive income vs non-passive income careers is not a decision that can be made lightly.  This is why it pays to know which is not only a viable option for you, but a realistic one as well.  Here are some quick facts that will help you decide between passive income vs non-passive income:

  • Passive income streams are not likely to leave you free to sip mojitos on the beach all day no matter what the guy in the video told you.  This is a job like any other, albeit with less time constraints and more financial freedom.
  • Passive income is better suited for people who are good at planning, thinking, problem solving and predicting trends.  Non-passive income is better suited for people who work well under the direction of others or through manual labor.
  • Starting a passive income stream doesn’t take as much work as going out and finding a non-passive job.
  • Although starting up passive income streams is easy, making them financially successful can be difficult without the right guidance, system or knowledge.
  • Deciding between passive income vs non-passive income doesn’t have to be a cut and dry choice.  You can start working on your passive income while you have your day job, and then quit your 9 to 5 when you feel you are financially ready.

So what it really comes down to when figuring out the reality of passive income vs non-passive income is your time, dedication and skill set.  Of course, while a lack of any of these should tell you to stay in a non-passive job, there is always a leap of faith involved when choosing between passive income vs non-passive income.  You might not have to time to put into the business right now, but successful people make time.  The skill set might not be there yet, but successful people learn.  The only thing that you need right from the start is dedication—if that’s not there, your choice between passive income vs non-passive income is simple: don’t quit your day job.

Passive Income vs Non-Passive Income—A Question of Want and Desire

That’s because choosing to go with passive income means that you’re pretty much on your own.  While there are some great programs and systems you can take part in, at the end of the day you are your own boss.  That means if you don’t manage your time well, self-motivate or if you need others to help keep you on point, the choice between passive income vs non-passive income once again becomes simple: stay working for your boss.

But if you’re the type of independent trailblazer that can create their own way in this world, there are tons of opportunity awaiting you in the passive income industry.  Plus, since passive income streams can essentially tackle any subject or industry, there is a huge potential for it to become a passion project.  As anyone with any degree of success can tell you, the more passionate you are about your business or project, the more success you will have if only because you are more personally invested in it.

Passive Income vs Non-Passive Income—The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: when all the smoke clears, there are many ways that you can make passively money online.  There are also many ways you can fail.  If you aren’t up to that challenge or if you have perennial bad luck, that dead-end cubicle might be the best thing for you.  But if you are looking for a reliable Passive Income Vehicle that eliminates your exposure to risk by plugging you into a proven system, check out Piformula today!


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