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Top 9 Ways to Earn Passive Income from Blogging

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago1 Comment

Take advantage of the traffic you are attracting by monetizing your blog and eventually earn passive income from all your efforts. There is one catch though. You have to do everything right with your blog to ensure a steady stream of visitors that will drive profits up.

There are easy and less risky ways for you to achieve this. We’ve outlined below some of the most effective ways to earn passive income from your blog. This way, you can enjoy earning a continuous stream of passive income, giving you enough time and resources to pursue what you would like to do, and do best – making content for your blog.

The infographic (click to zoom):

Passive Income by Working Hard on Your Blog

Blogging is fun that’s why so many people are doing it. To give you an idea of what “so many” means in real figures, let’s take a look at the most popular blogging platform there is – As of this writing, there are nearly 77 million WordPress sites worldwide generating 38.7 million new posts each month, and another 50 million in comments. 409 million readers visit this site each month, viewing over 13.1 billion blog pages of almost any topic known throughout the world.


To get ahead of the rest and be able to earn passive income from your blog – considering the millions of other blogs out there – you will really need to work hard doing various activities to make your blog successful. You’ve got to plan your posts, maintain the community built around your blog, build relationships with readers and other bloggers, post content daily if possible, moderate comments, do SEO, promotions and a bunch of other tasks you need to do for your blog.

Blogging experts like Darren Rowse of ProBlogger acknowledges the fact that you really need to work hard on your blogs if you want to make them a primary income stream. You may have to do all these yourself at first but once you get your system rolling you can have most of these tasked outsourced, so you can do less of the tedious work and spend more time on blogging – and earn a steady stream of passive income for your efforts.

Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was and still is one of the most viable passive income streams bloggers can rely on. Smart Insights reported that last year was a really good year for affiliate marketing industry, approximately hitting 9 billion pounds or 14.94 billion dollars in net worth. You can get a piece of this staggering revenue stream by blogging about topics related to your affiliate network, linking related keywords in your blog posts to your affiliate marketing page. All you need to do is to drive traffic to your affiliate pages by building a substantial amount of blog subscribers – all interested in what you have to say about your niche, brand, product or services.

Passive Income through Online Advertising

One of the most popular passive income streams that successful bloggers enjoy come from what they get from advertising revenues. As a content publisher, you can join online advertisement networks like Google AdSense, Kontera and Chitika among others where you get paid for the clicks posted ads in your blogs can generate. You can also work directly with businesses or professionals who will pay you to showcase their ads on your blogs.

Passive Income through Amazon Associates

Professional blogger Darren Rowse has earned more than 100 thousand dollars from the Amazon Associates Program, which he described in his post on Amazon Associates Tips. That post was made back in 2009 so you can imagine just how much Darren continues to earn from this program up to this day.



By being part of this program, you can earn from the fixed, volume-based, and mobile advertising rates Amazon Associates offers for particular product groups you would like to feature or write about in your blogs. You can write product reviews, post ads, pictures and links and earn up to 10% in commissions for every sale made through your blog.

Passive Income through eBooks

eBooks and other electronic products provide a viable way for earning passive income through your blogs, more so if you produce these products yourself. You can also earn by being an affiliate promoting another eProduct, but the numbers can really shoot up to lucrative passive income levels if you own the eProducts yourself. There are basically two ways you can maximize your earning potential from eBooks:

  • Create an eBook and market it through your site – This can be very successful if you already have a strong subscriber base or an email list you regularly send blog posts to.
  • Start you own affiliate program – If readers find your eBook and eProducts interesting enough to read or subscribe to, they may also be interested in marketing your products and earning through their efforts by joining your own affiliate marketing program.

The key here is to develop a subscriber or email marketing list where you can safely promote these products without being branded as a spammer or a scammer. Statistics show that email marketing can generate a really great ROI of up to 4,300%, that’s why many companies view this method as more effective in driving revenues than other digital marketing channels.

Passive Income through Tutorials

Some bloggers are really good in providing tutorials and how-to stuff from web development, to writing, to designing, or a bunch of other technical and creative skills other people would also like to learn about. If you’re such a blogger, why not monetize and earn from this task that you already enjoy doing? Statistics show that up to 66% of online consumers will most likely purchase products promoted through email marketing – so start building a list now through your blogs.

Passive Income through Royalties

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the term “royalties” is related to music, particularly song writing. Royalties can also apply to books and other products as well, but using music can provide a great example for you to understand how you can earn royalties through your blogs. First, it would be great to understand than earning royalties through songs is not the only earning potential here, but you can earn royalties whenever someone makes use of your original tunes, melodies, sound effects and other audio content.

People, companies or even TV shows who make use of your music and audio content can pay you a Master Use License Fee, a Synchronization Licensing Fee, or a Performance Royalty paid through royalty checks through a performing rights society like ASCAP. You can blog about your music and drive traffic to your songs and tunes in sites like iTunes – and earn substantial passive income through royalties.

Passive Income through Pay-Per-Post

Bloggers who do their work well can develop a certain level of authority in their particular niche or specialization topic. Businesses, brands, products and services in that same particular niche may be more than willing to get some marketing and promotional mileage if you write about their brands or products. They would be willing to pay for every post you write about them in exchange for the exposure they will receive through your subscribers and other blog readers.

Passive Income through Premium Subscription Offers

As you develop a strong subscriber base for your blogs, you can develop a certain level of expertise in your particular niche. People interested in your niche may be more than likely be willing to pay for premium subscription offers to gain access to premium content that you will not regularly share for free to your general blog audience. For a small fixed price, you can offer such premium content, and if you already have a strong following and subscriber base, you will surely earn good passive income from all your efforts. The more premium content you make, the more passive income you can get.

As a final note, scores of people love blogging, either as a reader or a blogger. It is one social media phenomena that have taken a strong hold of the online world, affecting almost every aspect of modern life. If you enjoy blogging and do it as a hobby, why not level up, monetize your blog and earn passive income from what you are already enjoying doing now. Just like how creative people can be in writing blog posts and creating content that online readers love – extend your creativity and resourcefulness by maximizing your passive earning potential from blogging.


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