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How to Generate Passive Income from Online Writing (Infographic)

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago50 Comments

Almost everyone has complained at one time or another about the back-breaking long hours they spent on traditional sources of income. This could either be working on a 9 to 5 job or maintaining and trying to survive with a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

Many have dreamed of quitting their day jobs and simply living their dreams – but simply could not for fear of the risks and uncertainties. Earning passive income online however, is possible, allowing you to generate revenue from multiple online income streams.  One such resource is to earn passive income from online writing.

The infographic (click to zoom):

Content is king in online marketing that is why writers and editors play a major role in this new era of high-quality content. You need not be a Pulitzer-winning writer to create online content that generates income. All you need to do is to follow instructions well and make use of tested and reliable techniques like the ones described below – and start earning passive income from online writing.

1. Passive Income from Revenue Sharing on Online Content Sites

There are many online content websites that require the services of good writers who can earn revenues from their written work. They can either earn from flat fees for every accepted article, or they can choose to earn passive income through revenue sharing as long as their content remains published on these sites.

Revenue sharing depends on the traffic or readership generated by your content. It may be slower compared to receiving straight payments per article, but it could be a whole lot better in the long run, allowing you to earn passive income as your readership base builds up. There are actually four ways revenue sharing sites pay online content writers and these are described in the following:

  • Revenue Sharing from Advertisements – Owners of online content sites will naturally monetize their sites using Google Adsense and other similar programs. Revenue is generated when page visitors to your content click on these advertisements, and this will be shared with you depending on your preliminary arrangements.
  • Revenue Sharing from Traffic – Revenue sharing sites can also make payments to writers by offering a fixed fee for every thousand views to a writer’s published content on the site. Payment is made for a certain number of impressions and is not dependent on the clicks or purchases made by web visitors.
  • Revenue Sharing from Affiliate Sales – Unlike revenue sharing from clicks and impressions, affiliate marketing can also be used by site owners for generating revenue streams in terms of commissions from every sale made.
  • Revenue Sharing from Referrals – Online content sites also encourage their current roster of writers to invite other writers. In return, they get a certain percentage off what their referred writers eventually earn from the site.

Unless a single article can really go viral and generate millions of page views and clicks, it would take a long time to earn a substantial amount of passive income from single online content site. The key here is not to put all your eggs in one basket and continuously churn out quality content that you can post on any or all of the following revenue-sharing online content sites:

2. Passive Income from Advertising Revenue

As a writer, you can develop niche blogs of particular interests as well as authority websites built around a theme or topic you are most well-versed in. The key here is to choose topics of interest which you believe may not be too general or widespread (or you’ll end up writing against a ton of competition) but is interesting enough to generate a considerable amount of traffic. You can write your content directly or you can solicit the expertise of freelance writers who can craftily put your thoughts in words your targeted audiences will understand and appreciate.

Once you’ve established these niche websites or blogs, you can monetize and earn a considerable amount of profits through advertising revenue. You can sign up for an account with advertising networks like Google Adsense, adBrite or Chitika among others that will display contextual, graphic or multimedia advertisements and banners in your websites or blogs. These ads are placed in strategic locations in your site without distracting targeted audiences away from your content.

3. Passive Income from Affiliate Marketing

Having niche websites and blogs with viral content can earn you substantial passive income not only from advertising but also from affiliate marketing. Joining popular affiliate networks like Clickbank and Amazon, you can choose which product categories you can integrate seamlessly into your content. Everytime a targeted customer clicks on a link through your blog or site and make a purchase, you earn commissions which can really add up to a lucrative amount if your content can generate traffic from targeted audiences – all looking or interested in the products or services you are promoting.

The key here is not to obviously “sell” products or you’ll simply turn off targeted audiences. You need to develop trust and authority so targeted audiences will “listen” to your recommendations about a products or services. Your content should also match the affiliate products you are promoting or you’ll end up with pages with junk affiliate links that generate absolutely no traffic and sales.

4. Passive Income Writing eBooks

As mentioned earlier, you can earn a good substantial passive income through affiliate marketing or selling other people’s products through the content you are producing. You can take this one step further and write your own eBooks and other products that you can sell as a publisher. There are really good self-publishing services like Barnes and Noble’s Pubit and Kindle Direct from Amazon. You can also create products and programs which you can market through affiliate networks like Clickbank and easily earn passive income from every sale generated by your affiliates.

The success of electronic self-publishing is brought about by the tremendous popularity of tablets and smartphones that have built-in eBook readers and apps. Creating high-quality content that targeted audiences will appreciate and read through these devices will earn for you really good passive income as well as establish you as a reliable authority in a particular topic category or niche. With such authority, you can publish your eBook directly from your websites or through your subscribers – and keep a greater percentage of your profits.

5. Passive Income from Traditionally Published Books

Writers know how difficult it is to penetrate the traditional publishing industry. With all the difficulty and intricacies of traditional publishing, and the upfront cost it will take to do so (which can really be impossible unless you have a sponsor or publisher to back you up. really doesn’t make it a lucrative passive income stream.

However, the popularity of eBooks through online networks and self-publishing channels can create for you a higher level of credibility and authority with your brand of writing. You may even generate a good number of followers who are more than eager to follow your writing career and support you in generating sales for all your high-quality content. Establishing a name for yourself in the self-publishing industry will pave the way for you in the traditional print and publishing industry – opening the doors for six-figure writing deals and tons of passive income from royalties.

6. Other Passive Income Streams from Online Writing

There are other passive income channels available that you can penetrate through online writing. This includes writing tutorials, online course materials for schools and universities, programs and applications and a host of other information products which you can leverage on for earning passive income through writing.

Earning passive income is possible and can even be a really enjoyable adventure, more so if the channel you are pursuing is close to your passion as a writer or creator of information products and related materials. Turn this passion into a lucrative revenue stream by exploring the myriad ways where you can turn your knack for writing into a passive income generator.


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