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HushHush IV Secrets Of The Ultra Wealthy-Excellence In Marketing Strategies

By The 1-Hour Workweek 4 years ago2 Comments



For the last 4 year and 11 months, I have obtained more than 4,700 hours of internet marketing training, including dozens of internet courses, books, and seminars.

I have invested more than $475,215 of my personal income, which includes the creation and development of Piformula.

My life mission is to help you gain the freedom, the growth, the independence, the financial wealth, and the prosperity you and your family deserve in order to have better control your own destiny.

As a result, I have provided you a straight-forward solution for you to achieve these results in 3 simple steps.

Likewise, in my free newsletter, I will teach you and show you the things I truly believe that are going to help you to achieve even greater results in your life and in your business.

For example, I recently attended the Hush Hush Secrets of the Ultra Wealthyin Anaheim California. It was packed with lots of wealth building information that will really, really help you to build both your online and offline business.

And here’s the thing! The strategies that they teach are typically only available to the ultra-wealthy. Now! You can get access to these same tools and strategies as well.

At this event, there were 6 dynamic speakers who provided priceless information. I will discuss a few of them here.

Speaker #1

Vick Strizheus is an online entrepreneur, marketer, speaker and a coach to many. He’s a creator and founder of Big Ideal Mastermind and High Traffic Academy.

Many people call Vick “The King of Online Marketing” because he really understands how to get loads of traffic to any website he promotes.

In my quest for financial freedom and time freedom, Vick is the number one guy who has taught me how to truly master traffic conversion, traffic generation, and how to capture that traffic.

Speaker #2

Eric Edmeads is a very successful entrepreneur who has made millions of dollars in personal income.

At the conference, he discussed his company, Inception Marketing. He teaches you how to attract more leads, how to create better conversions, and how to turn your leads in raving fans and loyal customers.


Inception Marketing Overview

Inception Marketing is a strategic marketing methodology that combines defined targeting, human psychology, corporate empathy and detailed research in a holistic process that will help you to attract significantly more leads and then massively increase your conversions and retention rates.

The Process

Step One: Evaluate both your Overall Target Market and numerous Ideal Target Markets and choose one tight, focused, and target market for your first inception campaign.

Step Two: Undertake a deep psychological evaluation of your Ideal Target Market so that you know what is important to them and, therefore, what is most likely to engage them.

Step Three: Develop an effective Engagement Pitch that will attract both active buyers and disinterested prospects into your sales funnel so that you can use your inception story to convert them.

Step Four: Create an engaging and influential Inception Story that your prospects want to hear and that will subtly move them to the realization that they both want and need your products and service.

Step Five: Develop an effective Engagement Pitch that will attract both active buyers and disinterested prospects into your sales funnel so that you can use your inception story to convert them,

Step Six: Construct a compelling and irresistible offer with engaging origin and investment stories.

Here are a few testimonials of people who attended the conference:

 Speaker #3

This part of the presentation was presented by Nick Malis of Wealth Structures International(WSI). WSI is a 15 year old national conglomerate comprised of legal, tax, financial, and business consulting professionals.

With hundreds of years of combined experience, WSI states that they acquire the very finest professional services allowing you to create wealth while protecting you at the same time. They believe the difference between the average consumer and the ultra-wealthy is education and action.

WSI and their associates claim that they have spoken for some of the largest real estate gurus and wealth building organizations in the world and continue to be the advisors to the same. Their products and services are tailor made to fit your current situation and future goals in mind.

They pride themselves on making available the products and services that have previously been exclusive to the ultra-wealthy. WSI state of the art strategies and networks will provide you with the ultimate information for making educated decisions regarding your financial future.

Here are some of the things you will learn at the conference.

So let me give you 1 nugget and summarize the rest of what you’re going to get.

The Seven Most Important Liability Protection Rules

1)    Pay creditors before you make a distribution to owners

Most important rule of all. Corporations owe an important obligation to pay creditors before distributing profits to owners. Owners are forced to give back distributions if made before creditors are paid.

2)    Always hold yourself out as an Officer/Manager of the entity- not as an individual

Sign documents in your capacity as a representative of the entity not personally e.g. John Jones, President, Jones Corporation; identify your corporation in advertisements, correspondence, invoices, statements, business cards, your website, etc…

3)    Follow your own Articles of Organization/Incorporations and Bylaws/Operating Agreement

A crafty creditor attorney can have an easy time asserting alter ego liability if you do not follow your own entity’s written procedures.

4)    Keep proper records

When Directors and Officers meet, be sure to prepare minutes of the meetings. If the Owners or Managers/Officers reach a decision, even informally, commit that decision to writing in the form of a written consent. Creditors wishing to pierce the liability veil will always seek to discover improper record keeping.

5) Obtain and maintain a business checking account in the name of the entity

Always keep your personal assets and entity assets separate. If you operate more than one entity, keep each entity’s assets separate. Keep accurate business records for your entity.

6) Always keep your company in good standing with the Secretary of State

A corporation or an LLC is subject to administrative dissolution if it fails to meet it ongoing responsibilities. This means that you must always file all file all periodic reporting forms. Always maintain close contact with your registered agent and always pay his or her bills on time.

7. Never dissolve a Company that has debts outstanding

These debts can be imputed to you personally if the company is dissolved.

1) Different tax strategies and how you can implement them

2) Full List of Obama Care Tax Hikes and How Much the Obamacare Penalty Tax Will Cost You

3) Corporate Compliance and Self Directed Rules

I.            What Minutes Should Include

II.            Advantages of Nevada Incorporation or LLC Formulation

III.            Incorporation Services

IV.            Issues Commonly Addressed In Bylaws

V.            Corporate/LLC Do’s And Don’ts Checklist

VI.            Disadvantages Of The LLC

VII.            Advantage Of The Partnership

VIII.            Advantages Of The Sole Proprietorship

IX.            The Language Of Corporation, Limited Companies And Limited Partnerships

X.            Language Comparison LLC’s VS. LP’s

XI.            Tax Liability Pass Through VS. Non Pass Through

XII.            Real Estate IRA Rules

XIII.            Asset Protection Featuring The “Retira” Investment Strategy

a)     How exposed are you right now?

b)    Why Do You Need The “Retira” Investment Plan?

c)     Invest In What You Know

d)    Needed Asset Protection

e)     The “Retira” LLC

f)      An IRA owned LLC is very different than a regular LLC

g)     Why An LLC

h)    Asset Protection of An LLC

i)       Steps To Having Check Book Control

Speaker #3

Brian Ridgway at Level 5 Mentoring and the Conscious Creator will teach you a unique and POWERFUL tool, called the Day Transformer Process (DTP), that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

For millennia, in all cultures, pre-bedtime was a time for “bedtime stories”, where the elders shared the accumulated wisdom of the tribe with the youth, often in the form of myth, legend or stories.

And it doesn’t take much awareness to realize that our FOCUS in the moments of awakening in the morning is CRUCIALLY impactful on our entire day and our life.

Brian has designed the DTP to give you a deep, radically effective pair of ‘tools for transformation’:

  1. The Morning Process Audio
  2. The Evening (Bedtime) Process Audio

Listening to these incredible tools will give you a sense of your freedom, power, peace, and the deep inner guidance that is ALWAYS available to you. With each listen, you will counteract decades of programming, limitation and destructive patterns. You’ll find pain and problems dissolving and a new level of calm confidence and power emerging in your life.

Please go ahead and download the files to your iPhone, Android, Laptop, or iPod for convenient listening in bed.

You can access the DTP and the introductory video at:

Click here to attend the next Hush Hush Secrets of the Ultra WealthyConference Friday, August 8, 2014 | Sunday, August 10, 2014

If you purchase this course, what’s your residual income?

Cost of Program                                        $497

Cash Back Rebate                                     $24.85

Fast Track Bonus (To Sponsor)               $49.70

Affiliates PQV

Level 1 6-12% ($19.88) 100 affiliates $100
Level 2 6-12% ($19.88) 1,000 affiliates $100
Level 3 6-12% ($19.88) 10,000 affiliates $100
Level 4 10-20% ($19.88) 100,000 affiliates $200
Level 5 10-20% ($19.88) 1,000,000 affiliates $400


I would like to state that I’m not a paid consultant nor am I a member or have an inside affiliation with Wealth Structures International.

I’m simply providing you information that I feel could be invaluable in your quest for obtaining the freedom, the growth, the independence, the financial wealth, and the prosperity you and your family deserve in order to have better control your own destiny.


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