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The Easy Cash Money Webinar For Network & Online Marketers!

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Welcome to…

The Easy Cash Money Webinar:

You Can Earn Fast-Start Cash Bonuses And Generate Multiple Streams of Monthly Passive Residual Income Working Just 1 -Hour Per Week!

Network & online marketers, have you heard about The Easy Cash Money Webinar?

With this plug-n-play success system, you get to automatically build a powerful evergreen email list, earn fast-start cash bonuses, and generate multiple streams of monthly passive residual income with the Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence…which is based upon giving a ton of value in the form of Education Based Marketing…. FOR FREE.

This easy-to-do system will allow you to turn your yearly income into your monthly income…while you work just 1 hour per week referring targeted prospects into The Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence.

First…as an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to:

  • Deal with traffic conversion.
  • Struggle to find new prospects to your business.
  • Build an email list
  • Set up landing pages
  • Set up an autoresponder
  • Set up email marketing campaigns
  • Build a website business
  • Create your own products or services
  • Set-up a blog
  • Set-up a shopping cart

Second…as a network marketer, you don’t have to:

  • Work long, tedious hours
  • Sell any products or services
  • Give any home meetings
  • Purchase any starter kits or upfront product inventory
  • Purchase any monthly products to stay qualified
  • Teach, train, coach or motivate anyone
  • Deal with complicated compensation plans
  • Compete with other MLM companies
  • Sponsor new members on a continuous basis
  • Join another MLM company without a 100% guarantee

Ultimately, you get to build a team of 1.1 million affiliate and network partners. You will earn fast-start cash bonuses and generate unlimited monthly passive residual income.

You simply sign-up. Plug in. And start sharing.

How does it work?

Educational-based, content rich, promotional webinars are the #1 way for building a powerful and highly responsive email list of prospects to become your raving fans, loyal customers, and affiliate partners.

asdasdWhen done right – using webinars as a passive customer-getting strategy will do wonders towards helping you focus on what you need to be focusing on…which is serving your customers, building your business, and generating dependable, long-term passive residual income!

Webinars will cause you to forget about the one most important thing you need to do for the long-term viability of your business:

To build relationships, trust, authority, and ongoing nurturing with your prospects and customers.

Lots of people may stop here and think, “Okay…I’ve got it! I’ll do webinars to sell my products and services for revolving passive residual income!”

It’s not exactly that simple.

Many online marketers hear that doing webinars is the way to go – so they set-up and start doing “One-Off Webinar”. 

A One-Off webinar is a solo webinar that teaches some information and has an offer for a product, a program or a service at the end.

One-Off Webinars are NOT EFFECTIVE!!!

Here’s why One-Off Webinars won’t get the results you are looking for…


Even if an online marketer is able to get some potential customers to register to attend their One-Off webinar… the actual show up rate will be very low in most cases.

In other words, a very small percentage of those that sign up for the webinar will show up.

SCARY STATISTIC: “The average show up rate for free One-Off Webinars ranges from 5%-20%!

The main reason for the dismal show up rate on free One-Off Webinars has to do with the level of commitment on behalf of the registrant.

In other words, there is very low obligation on behalf of the webinar registrant to actually follow through and attend the webinar they signed up for…especially if the webinar is free!

People register for everything online these days.

Then on the day, they decide if they want to go or not. Often something better, more exciting, or more urgent comes along and… they opt out!

They have no motivation or compelling reason to follow through and show up. There’s no strong and enticing “What’s in it for me?” reason to show up.


Even if an online marketer gets a bunch of potential customers to sign up for their webinar, and somehow manages to get a good percentage of registrants to attend the webinar… it’s very common for a high percentage of people to drop off the webinar way before the offer is made.

In other words, One-Off Webinars have very low ‘stay through’ rates.

What does this mean for you?  Well…when people don’t stay to the end of your webinar…they don’t get to hear your offer – which means you don’t get to acquire a new customer to serve and you certainly don’t get to earn any income.  Bad news all around!


Even if online marketers manage to get a decent amount of sign ups, show ups, and stay throughs, they often don’t know how to structure the webinar and the formal ‘offer’ so their potential customer feels compelled to invest in their product, program or service.

In other words, their webinars really don’t convert.

Sadly, when a One-Off Webinar doesn’t convert…the Host often comes to the conclusion that webinars don’t work for them or for their customers… and they give up.

This is a TRAGIC mistake.

When done correctly, webinars are the absolute best way to attract customers with tons of ease! But you have to understand…

…the 2 Most Counter-Intuitive Ways to Make More Impact & More Income with Your Webinars!

Counter Intuitive Way #1 = USE A PRE-WEBINAR SEQUENCE

Again, most people who attempt to use webinars to get customers online drive traffic to a One-Off Webinar and hope & pray the webinar does the job on its own!

This is the TACTICAL application of a webinar. You need to approach the use of webinars in a more strategic way.

As opposed to driving a bunch of potential customers to a One-Off Webinar and hoping they all sign up… the first thing you’ll want to do is send them through a sequence of steps PRIOR to attending the webinar.


These pre-webinar steps are made up of relevant, free gifts in the form of education-based downloads, emails and videos.

Your pre-webinar education-based gifts are designed to build relationship and trust through ensuring your potential customer is being deeply served between the time they sign up for your webinar – and the time they show up!

Accomplishing this goal also makes it much more likely they’ll attend your webinar…and invest in your product, program or service.

Counter Intuitive Way #2 = USE A POST-WEBINAR SEQUENCE

If your potential customer goes through your pre-webinar sequence… attends your webinar, stays through to hear the offer… and still doesn’t invest…don’t give up on them!

Instead…create a sequence of steps AFTER your webinar designed to give them more value, and a second, third or even fourth chance to say YES and INVEST!

Like your pre-webinar sequence… your post-webinar sequence will also be education based gifts, very relevant to the problem they want solved. In other words, you’ll continue to serve your potential customers long after the webinar is over…while giving them additional opportunities to reconsider your offer!


This process, which we call, “The Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence”


…not only significantly enhances the value and experience your potential customer has as they move through your process – but it also significantly increases results in the 5 key areas:






The Beauty of the entire process…… plus what we’re most proud of in creating the Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence, is that the entire process from pre-webinar, to webinar, to post-webinar is based on Education Based Marketing.

In other words, the entire Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence is based upon giving a ton of value in the form of an education…. FOR FREE.

Even if potential customers don’t buy a single thing – they will still be greatly served by simply going through the Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence.

Our primary goal is to turn your yearly income into your monthly income…while you work just 1 hour per week referring targeted prospects into our Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence.

How will you save time?


You can refer your prospects into our Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence using our powerful marketing tools via your very own referral marketing center. All you require is working a minimum of 1 hour per week.

First…as an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to deal with traffic conversion. When you refer your prospects to one of our landing pages, we will:

  • Tag your prospects to your affiliate business
  • Capture their email address
  • Provide them high quality educational content to peak their interest
  • Register them for one of our live webinar events
  • Follow-up with them both before and after the webinar
  • And sign them up to become your lifelong affiliate partners and loyal customers.

Second…you don’t have to struggle to find new prospects to your business. You simply refer other network and affiliate marketers who are your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Likewise…when you attend network or online marketing events, functions, tradeshows, conferences, or any other marketing venues, you can refer them with one of our compelling business cards or promotional brochures.

Third…you don’t have to build an email list, set up landing pages, autoresponders, and email marketing campaigns in order to build trust, authority, and credibility with your prospects. We will do this for you.

In fact…through the power of friendship referral, our system is designed to help you build a team of more than 1.1 million lifelong affiliate partners…even while you sleep.

You will get immediate access to the names and email addresses of your entire team within your personal referral marketing center.

On the other hand…if you already have an email list of prospects and customers, we will monetize them for you and generate you multiple streams of residual income…for a lifetime.

And finally…you don’t need a website business because we provide you with a dynamic referral marketing center. It contain all the marketing tools you will ever need to run your business successfully. This way you get to spend more quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

In addition, as a network marketer…

You get to avoid the fear of being rejected or being turned down because there are no products to sell or promote. And there are no home meetings or home presentations.

Instead…we perform all the teaching, training, and coaching for your entire team while you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy your personal time.

When you begin our program, you will tap into our 90 days success plan. It is one of the best self-improvement programs in the world where you will achieve happiness, health, and prosperity.

 You’ll earn fast-start bonuses and build multiple streams of residual income.


Our primary goal is to turn your yearly income into your monthly income. We make it easy for you to succeed by eliminating any potential barriers.

  • You will earn straight commissions.
  • There are no required monthly products purchases.
  • There are no monthly quotas or stipulations.
  • There are no starter kit or upfront product inventory.

You will earn:

  1. A $150 fast-start bonus on everyone you refer that joins our network.
  2. A $30 fast-start bonus on everyone they refer that joins.

You’ll earn unlimited passive residual income


Finally…you will earn passive residual income when you purchase your favorite health, wellness, or beauty products from one or more of the top brand name companies that are in our network. They include AdvoCare, Mary Kay, Morinda, Nature’s Sunshine, and OrganoGold.

You will earn 6% of the retail sales made by the next 1.1 million affiliate partners to join your team.

When you purchase as little as $40 worth of retail products, you will get paid on 11,000 wellness partners; a $100 retail purchase will get you paid on 111,000 wellness partners; and a $200 retail purchase will get you paid on 1.1 Million wellness partners.

On average, you will earn $6.43 on every $100 spent on products and services by the next 1.1 million affiliate partners who follow you.

Let’s follow your prospect through our Easy Cash Money Webinar Sequence.


First…your prospect will come to one of our compelling landing pages. Even though our landing pages look very similar, each one of them is being split tested with small little tweaks in order to increase our opt in rates.

We then keep re-adjusting each of our landing pages to reflect the winning page. This process is then repeated over and over again to constantly improve our opt-in rates.

Overall…we have a growing number of different landing pages with different topics of interest you can choose from.

For example…

wffaffasfThis landing page states:

Online Marketers: Discover How to Easily Succeed Online With a 99.7% Success Rate & Win Big (Hint: It Took Me 7 Years To Figure Out A Simple Solution)

When your guest download this free content guide, we will capture their name and email address and automatically register them for our upcoming live webinar event.

 Most of our leads are very high quality


Most of our leads are very high quality. They are friends and colleagues of other network and affiliate marketers who are referring them to our network.

These are people who are already hot and hungry for success. And they are looking for real solutions to real problems they are experiencing in their existing network and online marketing businesses.

 We have educational resource guides and reports that can be downloaded.


We have a number of different educational resource guides and reports that can be downloaded.

But even more powerful, people are coming to our network based on your recommendation, which increases the likelihood that they will download our content by 400%.

The question you may be asking is why have educational content like this first instead of sending them straight to a webinar?

 You want to meet people where they are at.


Well…you want to meet people where they are at. As people are searching for problems online or get recommendation from their friends, they want specific answers to specific questions or challenges.

And by providing them information that give them answers to their specific questions or challenges that’s in their heads, we can help solve their most important concerns.

This will make your guest more excited about signing up to consume our content. The whole point is to get your guest to:

  1. Join our List and
  2. To feel like they got an answer to specific questions and concerns that they are presently facing.

The webinar will provide the same thing but at an expanded level. People are not going to wait around for that initial answer. But once we can get them on our list, we can invite them to our upcoming webinar.  So there is less commitment upfront. They don’t have to wait around to have the webinar actually happen.

And they certainly don’t need to watch a 30 minute video to get the solution. It also fuels our next and future webinar that we’re going to do. This process lays the ground work for a fantastic webinar funnel and in building your residual income list.

This will put them on the pathway to becoming your network and affiliate partners, as well as to become loyal customers to earn you long-term monthly residual income.

 They can attend our live webinar event.


At the time your guest opt-in to request our educational content, we will invite them to attend our live webinar event to learn more about our “3 Steps to Network & Online Marketing Success.”

Our webinar sign-up page will provide a detailed description of the event, a date and time of the event. We even have a countdown timer to increase the sense of urgency for the webinar.

We’ll register them. Engage them. Then follow-up with them to attend our live webinar event.

Another great way we improve attendance is that we have a compelling thank you page.

 We have a compelling Thank You page.



After your guest sign-up for our live webinar, they will come to our webinar thank you page. It has lots of key elements that will encourage your friends to attend the webinar.

  • It congratulates them for signing up.
  • They get instant gratification with a success guide, a worksheet or a mind map to download which comes not only in the form of a lead magnet to their inbox, but it can also be shared as a download right on the screen.
  • It also has a schedule reminder with our webinar event pre-loaded in it.
  • Finally, it allows them to share it.

Okay, that’s a review of our thank you page. So move on to the next step in the webinar sequence.

 Many attendees purchase our product before and after the webinar.


If you can get 25% of your attendees to purchase your product during your webinar that means you’ve had a great webinar presentation and a great product.

That also means that 75% of your sales are done before and after the webinar.

That’s why it’s so important that we follow-up with all of the people who signed-up for the webinar.

 There are 5 ways we follow-up with your invited guests.



With that being said…there are 5 ways that we follow-up with your invited guest.

  • Those who join our network.
  • Those that showed up late for the webinar
  • Those who didn’t show up to the webinar.
  • Those that didn’t stay till the end.
  • Those that decided not to buy during the webinar.

 Those who join our network


Those who join our network

  • We thank them for joining and officially welcome them
  • We repeat our guarantee
  • We give them an overview of “The 1-Hour Workweek”: Our 3 steps to network & online marketing success…which include our Easy Cash Money Webinar.
  • We provide them our 90 day success plan
  • We provide them our educational and resource guides
  • We encourage them to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

We follow-up with all other prospects in a similar way


We follow-up with all other prospects similar to those who join our network, but in addition…

  • We show them a brief recap or a limited-time replay video of the webinar
  • We make them a first time offer or a second chance to buy.
  • We invite them to attend another live webinar as an option.
  • We stress the importance of this opportunity that’s going to improve their situation before it slips away.
  • We continue to educate and nurture them well into future to build further trust, relationships, and authority.


So what’s good about “The 1-Hour Workweek”? Let us tell you what we do that you don’t have to do:

  • We create the marketing message
  • We do all the follow-up and nurturing
  • We write all the copy and content
  • We perform all the split testing
  • We build you a high-quality email list
  • We teach, train and coach your downline organization
  • We design and purchase the landing pages
  • We design and purchase the banner ads
  • We all it all


Hello, I’m Tarence Wade, M.D. 

Even though I’m trained as a medical doctor, I’m also known as “the wealth doctor”.

I teach network and online marketers how to save time, save energy, build health & happiness and create multiple streams of passive residual income.

I have spent the last 8 years, over 6,000 hours and more than 1.6 million dollars of my personal income as an online marketer figuring out a success formula that generates me multiple streams of passive income and that will work for you as well.

I have taken over 50 internet marketing courses, read many books, listened to many audio-books and attended at least a dozen seminars in the internet marketing space.

As an experienced online marketer of more than 8 years, I really do understand your pains and frustrations.

Before The 1-Hour Workweek…

I was struggling to find new prospects and customers and I didn’t know where to start when it came to marketing and attracting new customers.

I had lots of trouble building an email list and communicating with that list in a way that made them trust me in order to buy my products and services.

I couldn’t make any money and my business wasn’t growing despite having some great products.

I had trouble resonating with my prospects and I didn’t know how to convert them into raving fans and loyal customers.

I couldn’t get focused and I kept getting distracted from all the noise and confusion in the marketplace.

I found myself chasing every little shiny object that came my way because I didn’t have a precise roadmap with a plan.

I was confused about which direction I should take. And as a result, I kept going from promotion-to-promotion and from product-launch to product-launch causing me even more confusion.

I had trouble balancing and managing my time to get the results I was looking for.

 And I was too busy dealing with the technical headache of building, managing, and optimizing my website business. This left me with very little time to spend with my family, my friends, and my loved ones.

 At one point, I even became overwhelmed and information overloaded. I was being bombarded on a daily basis with lots of advice, different business models, emails, promotions, and the latest business venture that promised me financial freedom. All of these things had a dismal effect on my mindset and my motivation.

 With the 1-Hour Workweek…I know exactly who my ideal customer is, where to find them, and how to easily attract them to my business with very little effort.

It’s now very easy for me to build an ultra-high-quality email list of prospects and customers using the incredible power of word of mouth advertisement and friendship referral.

In fact, I’m able to build massive rapport, trust, likability, and authority with my list using powerful marketing messages and great educational and wealth-building contents that are very, very important to their lives.

As a result, I’m able to easily convert them into my raving fans and loyal customers.


With The 1-Hour Workweek…
I’m extremely laser focused because I know exactly what I want and what I need to build my business successfully. That’s because I have a precise roadmap with a plan to guide me step-by-step along my journey.
Most of all, I can work just 1 hour per week to generate amazing and unbelievable results.
I don’t have to build, manage, and optimize a website business anymore because the system provides me with all the tools I need to build a successful business.
I don’t have to promote or sell a single product or perform any sales presentations.
I simply inform and educate my prospects on exactly the information they want to hear and learn about. This information helps them to save time, save energy, build health & happiness and create them multiple streams of passive residual income.
All I have to do is to share great educational and wealth-building content with my prospects and customers, and the system does all the teaching, training, and coaching for me.

That means I have plenty of extra time to spend with my family, my friends, and my loved ones. I can even travel, exercise, relax, entertain and engage in many other things I enjoy.

However, online marketing is my true passion. I absolutely love the process of discovery and fulfilment that it gives me because it allows me to live up to my core values of freedom, independence, growth, accountability, and competency.


I feel that it is my duty to share this amazing success system with as many people as possible because I truly want to help people:

  • Who are struggling financially
  • Who are not doing that great in their business
  • Who are not happy with their lives
  • Who have lost their dreams

This is who I can help. And that’s my purpose.

Please come and join me on a live webinar to hear about the wealth-building features and benefits of this success system and how this system will work to your full advantage!

When you attend my Easy Cash Money Webinar…

As a FREE Gift, you’re going to get a lifetime free membership to my new Pinterest-like platform where you can promote, showcase, and share your products and services to over 90 different social networks.


It has an analytic tool that will show you:

  • A graphic display of people pinning your products and services
  • The total number of people who like your products and services
  • Your products and services that are being pinned in real-time


And your most popular products and services that are being selected


  • People can Pin, Like, Share, Tweet, and Google+ your products.
  • You can edit, embed and email your products.
  • You can place price tags on each of your products.
  • It has other viral features.


I have already invested over $300,000 into this platform and it took me over 2 years to finish it. The membership fee would normally cost you around $1,100 per year. Currently there are over 700 members who are taking full advantage of this incredible platform.
This site is going to save you time, energy, and marketing expenses to growing your business worldwide. You’re going to love what this tool will do for your business!


Click here to read all the details and get registered for this live webinar!

To get started today, click here to purchase your 1-year membership.


Click Here to Get Your FREE Opportunity Guide


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I’m Tarence Wade, M.D., the creator of The 1-Hour Workweek. For 24 years, I worked as an ER physician, experiencing the financial pains & frustrations as well as the disparity in access to adequate healthcare for many of the people I served. Many were faced with long-term unemployment and couldn’t afford a primary physician. Some became disabled from injuries where they could no longer work. Others had chronic and debilitating health conditions and couldn’t afford even a $5 prescription to treat their conditions. I saw 3 major social crisis that existed in the people I vowed to serve. 1) They were unhappy, depressed and filled with anxiety from dealing with long-term unemployment and the lack of opportunity. 2) They had poor and declining health issues from the lack of access to affordable healthcare and proper health education. 3) They didn’t have the financial infrastructure to take care of the basic needs (e.g. adequate nutrition, clothing, shelter, healthy living conditions, etc.) for themselves and their families. Out of sheer frustration and concern, I made a commitment I would spend the rest of my life helping as many people possible to achieve the 4 Pillars of Success. Our 4 Pillars of Success  More Happiness o To become happier and to live a more stress-free life o To have more control and improved self-esteem over your life  More Healthy ¬Living o To make healthy living a central part of your life o To consume necessary vitamins and other nutrients in order to live a longer, stronger and a more vibrant life  More Time Freedom o To enjoy total time freedom in order to do the things you love to do o To spend lots of quality time with family, friend and loved ones  More Financial Freedom o To earn enough income quickly and easily without hassle to supplement or replace your monthly income o To build long-term financial freedom in the form passive income for a lifetime So for the past 8 years or more than 7,000 hours later, I have created an online community that helps network and online marketers set-up, manage, grow and market their business by “simplifying the marketing process” in order to gain Health, Happiness, Time-Freedom and Financial-Freedom. It’s called The 1-Hour Workweek. 1) You perform no more traditional network & online marketing 2) It’s FREE for you to join. 3) The 1-Hour Workweek performs 99.7% of the work of building, managing and growing your business. 4) You earn personal commissions & overrides to replace your monthly income [Timefreedomfirst]. 5) We pay you to purchase affordable high-quality products and services. As a loyal customer…we build you a team up to 19,530 affiliate partners (e.g. US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Philippines) for long term financial freedom [FinancialFreedomQuickly].

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